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Cracking jokes and making people laugh is surely the best way to get attention. If you are good at utilizing humor in a conversation, you will surely be able to make people listen to you because everyone likes to get a good laugh. You have a vast category of jokes to choose from. However appearance jokes are among the ones that are frequently used to get people roll into laughter. The reason is that they are more generic and can be cracked in any sort of gathering at any time to lighten up the environment.

People can easily relate to appearance jokes and they are based on everyday observations. They usually involve critics about any aspect of the personality of a person that can be funny for others. There are two ways of writing appearance jokes; the first one is to write them using your own sense of humor and creativity. You can come up with hilarious short stories and jokes using your imagination. You can create your own funny stories and hilarious ideas.

The second way is to observe any interesting and funny aspect about the personality of the people around you. You often find people giving a weird look. It does bring a wide smile on your face when you are suppressing your laughter. It is because you observe something about them that is peculiar and funny. It could be a weird hairstyle, awkward dressing style or any other aspect of their personality and overall appearance.

Whichever method you use to write these funny appearance jokes, you must make sure that they fulfill the basic criteria of being humorous enough to get people burst into laughter. You must ensure that they are absolutely hilarious. For this purpose, you can take help of your family and a couple of sincere friends to provide you honest piece of advice.

You must also make sure that your jokes are easy to deliver. It should fit in perfectly together and should be self explanatory. It should have strong punchlines that can generate instant laughter.


Your jokes should not contain content that can be insulting for anyone. Make sure to keep things light. You ultimate aim is to create laughter and be humorous. Your jokes should not be offensive. Even if you want to criticize the overall appearance of anyone, be sure that you do it in such a way that you can make that person roll into crazy laughter on hearing them; that is your jokes must be killing funny.



If you want to enjoy a good time to chill out with your friends and family, nothing works better than one liner jokes. There are many things going on in our lives and after all the stresses and anxieties in life, we surely need a reason to laugh and feel happy. Everyone wants to achieve success in life but one should never forget to stay happy along the way. We work really hard to achieve our goals and aims in life, which are mostly based on the acquisition of materialistic things, meanwhile we often forget to live our lives and stay happy. The secret to live life is to smile and enjoy every moment.

One liner jokes surely elevate your moods and make you dive in a big laughter. It is when you forget all rules and talk humorous and funny. One liner jokes are based on a single line and have to be brief. You must make sure that you stay as concise as you can. Funny one-liners can be contagious; as they can really make people go crazy. It depends on the topic you choose for your one liner. Choose a hilarious topic to make your one liner sound funnier. The most crucial elements of a funny one liner are timing and delivery pattern. The beauty of a one liner is the element of suspense. It is basically consisted of two parts.

You give background information in the first part of the one liner and the second part is the one that is hilarious enough to make you crazy and roll into a big laughter. It is the element of suspense that raises the ears of the listeners and when they hear something absolutely hilarious, they cannot help themselves burst into laughter. One-liners are very effective in starting a conversation and create a happy and pleasant atmosphere in a group of people. However, if one liners run flat, they can actually get you in a very weird situation. Make sure that you come up with funny one-liners to get everyone laughing.

Your one-liners must have humor in them. A one liner without humor is meaningless. When cracking funny one-liners, you do not need to be a professional rather just be humorous. Note down any funny one liner that comes in your mind. Otherwise, you will forget it later. There are many laughter clubs, which can help you to improvise your skills at cracking effective and funny one-liners.

Happiness is all about getting what you like. We should always get out time to joke around and to spend some quality time with friends and family. It is a free way to stay healthy and happy.



Knock-knock jokes have longed been used to entertain people. People enjoy them a lot, as they always get them rolling into big laughter. They are probably the most interesting category of jokes. Good knock-knock jokes have the perfect combination of the elements of surprise and humor and never fail to get roars of laughter from the crowd. These jokes are oriented around a question i.e. Knock Knock! Who’s there? It is all about the question who? It is the question that is answered in the most hilarious way in these jokes. This format of jokes is probably one of the most common and oldest ones, which have been used for a long time all around the world.

They are typically popular in the American media. The interesting aspect of these jokes is that they involve a question and its immediate funny response. Recently these jokes are also frequently used for children. These jokes usually involve only two people in the conversation, the person who questions, and the other who answers.

These jokes are unique when it comes to their beginning. They begin in a very unusual way and are also different in terms of delivery. It cannot be told that when and where these jokes actually originated from. However, they have been among the all-time favorite jokes since 1930. The popularity of these jokes grew further during the early 1960s. The knock knocks have maintained their place among the different types of jokes till the present times and are known by all. Everyone recognizes the distinct flavor of this type of comedy. You can explore your creativity and come up with the funniest and craziest answer to the question “who” in these jokes. You are not likely to get exhausted if you sit to write down these jokes. In fact, you enjoy thinking of the wildest ideas to make them as hilarious as ever.

In nutshell, the knock knocks are among the type of jokes, which are recognized and appreciated worldwide. They have always been an integral part of the joke world and made their identity. These jokes are always fresh and you always end up laughing like crazy. Nowadays, these jokes are especially popular among children. However, these jokes have always been a source of amusement for people of all age groups. Knock knocks are not too long in terms of content and offer an instant punch of humor to the listeners, who cannot resist rolling into big laughter. 

Laughing Out Loud at Animal Jokes

We always love to laugh and enjoy listening to hilarious jokes. Everyone wants to stay happy and make others happy too. Cracking jokes is always fun, as it makes you and people around you laugh out loud. There is a vast variety of jokes on various topics and everyone has his personal favorites. Animal jokes are one of the types of jokes that are enjoyed by people of all age groups.

Humans love animals and these animal jokes turn them into funny creatures. Among the animals, these jokes are especially popular for goats, dogs, donkeys, monkeys, turkey, etc. However, goats particularly act funny and strange at times. They can make you roll into crazy laughter.

You can go really playful when it comes to cracking jokes about animals. There is also a lot of funny stuff including funny video clips on many websites. Many television-shows in fact use funny animal characters and their funny short stories because their acts always get you roll into big laughter.

These jokes are based on different every day observations like responses of different animals when they become scared. Mostly, the ways animals behave and respond in situations make them appear extremely hilarious. They are curious in their own way and their weird behavior makes them look so funny. Also, when you hear jokes about people being chased by animals like a dog or a goat, it is extremely hilarious and never fails to get you laughing.

It is also funny to turn these animals into funny characters that talk crazy and get you rolling into mad laughter. There are many popular jokes on animals especially about funny goats. Kids typically enjoy these funny jokes about animals a lot. They are really fond of them. These jokes always excite them and get them laughing. Children like teasing animals and like to play with them too. They enjoy the funny animal characters used in television shows or in an act about jokes on animals. This is the reason many multinational companies use funny images of animals as cartoon characters for the promotion of their brand.

The people, who take care of these animals like goats, monkeys, cats, dogs, horses, etc., also come across hilarious jokes. These people enjoy their job when they observe animals doing crazy stuff and behaving in a hilarious way. You can hear many jokes from them and get yourself into a good laughter till your stomach starts aching. Animals are living creatures like humans and it is extremely funny to watch them doing all the funny stuff. Moreover, their jokes get you laughing out loud too. 


Research has been carried out to study the effects of laughter and humor on our bodies. As a result of these researches, many interesting information has been found. These studies reflect the benefits, which you can gain by simply laughing out loud and relaxing your minds. Laughter tremendously reduces our level of stress and anxiety. It affects our blood flow particularly and helps our blood vessels to function properly. It is one of the blessings of God, as laughing is all about having fun, burning your calories, increasing your immunity, and feeling great at the same time.

No doubt, having a good laugh on either a humorous joke or any funny event is probably one of the most entertaining exercises when it comes to reducing calories. It is observed that laughing for about 15 minutes allows you to burn up to 50 calories. Laughter also lowers your blood sugar level. It is a natural process, which changes your psychological state. It even enhances your beauty, as it allows proper stretching of your facial and body muscles. You feel yourself in a state of euphoria. Your way of looking at different things around you becomes more optimistic. You learn to enjoy life more and to make great memories by sharing hilarious jokes and funny events with people around you. You share happiness while laughing with your friends and family. People always like jolly people. They like to be around somebody, who can make them laugh, no matter how frustrated or depressed they might be feeling.

Laughing does help you to get rid of negative feelings. It is a great source of increasing social interactions and bringing people together. You are likely to be more social and popular if you are good at laughing and making others laugh. It is a symbol of friendliness and generates positivity around you. It creates a very humble and happy environment. Even listening or watching a group of people laughing makes you feel happy. That is the reason why everyone likes sitcoms and funny video clips. Everyone wants to stay happy and boost his or her energies.

When you laugh, your brain is able to open ways to new perceptions. When you are in a relaxed and happy mood, you tend to work more efficiently. Laughing actually helps you to enhance your working efficiency. Laughter is all about a positive energy shell that surrounds you and allows your mind to have a more optimistic approach towards life. 

Be careful with Blonde jokes

If you are fan of humor and jokes, then you would know how popular the blonde jokes are. Blonde women are the primary target of these jokes because they are considered naïve and to some extend stupid. It is said that blonde females have all the beauty but no brain. This premise hasn’t gotten old, the blonde jokes are still alive and people find them a lot funny.

People crack jokes of all kinds, as everyone has his or her favorite category joke. Mostly, those jokes are admired a lot which one can relate to the daily life. Blonde jokes also fall in the same category. The best thing about these jokes is that they are actually reality based. They depict the behavior of the blondes and that’s what makes them funny.

You will easily find a joke about everyone whether it’s the blonde woman or someone else. You can find jokes about Irishman, Englishmen, and Scotsman too. If you will make a simple internet search then you are going to find tons of jokes on these blondes. You will find jokes and images of dumb blondes too. There is no doubt that these jokes are full of humor. There are even one-liner jokes about the blondes that can make you laugh or at least bring a smile on your face.

You will find millions of websites about jokes on blonde. They are literally very much famous. But not all blondes are typically like that. There is a certain category of blondes that might resemble in character to these jokes but not all of them. Therefore, when telling the blonde jokes, one should not get carried away. Nobody ever thinks that there are such blondes too, who may take these jokes offensive. At least, you should think about this.

There is no harm in being funny but when you are telling jokes, do consider the feelings of others. The jokes we find funny cannot be liked by everyone. This is because everyone has his own perspective of taking things. So, always be careful while cracking any kind of joke in front of people.

Making a collection of blonde jokes is not a bad idea. You can crack clean blonde jokes to tease blonde friends. This everyday humor is not harmful at all, however, you just have to be careful in cracking such jokes because it’s not always the right time to add humor to situations. 

Crack the Hilarious Weight Loss Jokes

Food jokes might be a lot common. Have you ever heard of weight loss jokes? Losing weight is not funny at all but these weight loosing jokes are actually way too funny. They can even help you in the process of losing weight to get through the tough times.

These jokes can certainly be funny if you are not belittling somebody or you are not up to harm anyone. Everyone knows that cracking joke is fun. It is not a new thing because people joke about all sorts of things. These jokes can help in motivating those, who want to give up their weight loss regime. It’s not a laughing matter at all but some people, who are struggling to lose weight, often get depressed when they don’t see the results they were expecting. They need these jokes to get back on track and to get started towards achieving their goal.

There are all sorts of weight loss jokes. It’s not necessary that you crack them in front of those, who are on the weight loss regime. You can even tease the people, who have gained weight with such jokes. Jokes about food can also be used for addressing them.  Maybe with these jokes, they can understand the importance of having balanced weight because obesity is one of the serious health problems that can make you diabetic or even heart patient.

If you just take out some time and don’t take some things seriously then you can reduce the stress in your life by learning how to laugh. When you are trying to burn some calories or to reach your weight loss goals, just think of these jokes. They will provide you an unknown support, which you might not get otherwise.

So now the question is how to find the weight loss jokes. You won’t have to struggle for this much because there are many websites available now that can provide you the entire list of funny weight loss jokes. These jokes can just make your day. Even reading them to yourself isn’t going to be a bad idea. Laughter is a medicine that everybody needs in life and so will you.  You might find some good jokes in magazines, TV shows, and books besides internet. Find these jokes and crack them in a gathering of your friends or family members. All your familiars may need a laugh and you can surely help them with your jokes.